About Clever Finance

We are Clever Finance, and we provide holistic financial wellness programs through the workplace. We've made it our mission to improve the financial lives of millions of American workers.

Our leadership team has decades of experience building innovative solutions to help employees save, invest, and manage their money.



Meet our founders

David Grubman photo

David Grubman, Founder & CEO

David Grubman is Clever Finance's Founder and CEO. He brings 25+ years experience in building innovative financial solutions to help Americans save and invest for retirement. David has held senior product, technology and partnership roles at leading FinTech organizations, including Financial Engines, SunGard/FIS, FutureAdvisor, BlackRock, and Pyramid Digital Solutions. In each role, he’s championed technology innovations ranging from advances in digital record keeping to web service delivery and advising retirement plan participants on their investing strategies. In founding Clever, David has combined his entrepreneurial experience with his passion for helping people achieve their personal financial goals.

Sally Bradley-Golding photo

Sally Bradley-Golding, Co-Founder, Strategic Partnerships

As Clever Finance's co-founder and head of strategic partnerships, Sally Bradley-Golding brings 25+ years of experience helping companies engage their employees in saving and investing for retirement. Prior to co-founding Clever, Sally helped lead Financial Engines’ distribution model, adding nine national distribution partners and capturing 85% of the U.S. retirement plan market. In ten years at Financial Engines, she helped grow the firm's retirement assets under management to over $150B. While serving as a plan sponsor and holding senior retirement-industry leadership roles at Voya, Fidelity and Bankers Trust, Sally has consistently focused on delivering successful outcomes to help U.S. workers achieve their retirement goals.

Clever Finance is Hiring

Clever Finance is growing, and we are looking for talented, high energy people to join us in our mission to improve the financial lives of millions of American workers.

If you’re an engineer, financial coach, designer, salesperson, or product manager who is passionate about helping people achieve their personal financial goals, we want to hear from you.