We’re committed to improving the financial lives of millions of American workers

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At Clever Finance, our mission is to make things easier for you and your family by helping with savings, spending, debt, and more.

We provide free financial guidance as a workplace benefit—paid by your employer at no cost to you.


Here’s how we work with you

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Clever Finance is always supportive and encouraging.

We know money is a touchy subject and thinking about it can be overwhelming. Don’t worry—we’re here to help you gain financial confidence and build a plan for the future, not to judge!

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We make it all about you and your goals

We start by asking about your current situation and what’s on your mind. From this information, we create a personalized Financial Wellness Plan with specific, easy-to-follow suggestions for making wise decisions about your money today and tomorrow.

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We provide a personal trainer for financial fitness

You get a Clever Coach to answer questions and for private, one-on-one financial guidance. All our coaches pass a rigorous qualification process, require at least five years of experience, and are skilled listeners and strong partners in your success.

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We help you get on track and stay there

Clever Finance makes it fast and easy to put your Financial Wellness Plan into action, with easy-to-use online tools for managing your money. Your Clever Coach will check in regularly to see how you’re doing and make changes to your plan together as needed.

Partners in your financial wellness

We don’t sell financial products and will never share your personal information with anyone—including your employer. So you always know we have your best interests in mind as we help you:

  • Minimize stress about money
  • Build a cushion for greater financial security
  • Get a handle on spending, debt, or credit issues
  • Create a realistic plan to reach your goals
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Frequently asked questions

We are Clever Finance, and we provide holistic financial wellness programs through the workplace. We've made it our mission to improve the financial lives of millions of American workers. Our leadership team has decades of experience building innovative solutions to help employees save, invest, and manage their money.

Employers hire us to provide unbiased financial help to their workforce, so employees can achieve long-term financial security. We do not charge employees to use our services, and we don’t sell financial products or get compensated for any recommendations we make.

Clever Finance will never share your personal financial data with anyone—including your employer. We require certain information such as email address, full name, and company, as provided by your employer, to enable us to offer our services. Other information that we may obtain during the delivery of services is provided voluntarily by users. In addition, we may also collect certain non-personal information for analytics purposes. For more information, please see our privacy policy.

Since our services are paid for by your employer, you will only have access to help from Clever Finance while you are actively working for that company.

In general, we recommend checking in with your Clever Coach every four to six months, but you can schedule a coaching session any time you feel you need it. All our Clever Coaches allow you to schedule a convenient time for a one-on-one financial conversation. Scheduling a session ahead of time ensures your coach will be able to review your situation before you meet and make the most of your time together.

We recognize that most people make financial decisions at the family level, and we recommend that you work with Clever Finance on a Financial Wellness Plan for your entire household. This includes any financial conversations with your Clever Coach, which your spouse or partner is strongly encouraged to join along with you.