The power to improve your employees’ financial well–being

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Clever Finance provides personalized financial guidance to reduce financial stress among your workforce and improve employee engagement with your business priorities.

We don’t sell financial products, provide investment advice, or receive referral fees from any third parties. So you can be confident that our interests are fully aligned with your employees’ needs and your company’s values.


Here’s how it works

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We create a customized Financial Wellness Plan for each employee

Using a simple, 10-minute questionnaire we identify what matters most and deliver a personalized, easy-to-understand plan with step-by-step suggestions for savings, spending, debt, and more.

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We help your employees benefit from your existing benefits

Are you concerned that your retirement plans, HSAs, and other benefit programs aren’t getting the reach and impact you’d like? Clever Finance will make sure your employees take full advantage of these valuable resources.

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We offer one-on-one expert guidance

Our Clever Coaches, up to and including Certified Financial Advisors, can work directly with your employees to put their Financial Wellness Plans into action, build better financial decision-making skills, and address concerns in a positive, empathetic way.

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We make it easy to stay on track

After every conversation with a Clever Coach, employees get an updated Action Plan with specific to-dos and timelines. Coaches continue to check in with employees over time to track progress, answer questions, or continue helping build financial confidence.

It's all about outcomes

You need to know that your investment in financial wellness is making a real difference for your employees and for your business. That’s why we provide Employee Engagement and Outcomes reporting that shows the impact we’re having.

While Clever Finance never shares confidential details about individual employees’ financial situation, we provide comprehensive reporting including:

  • Engagement statistics by demographic and business segments
  • Outcomes as measured by improvement in savings, budgeting, debt, credit scores, and more
  • Employees self-reported financial confidence and well-being
  • Satisfaction with Clever Finance programs and services
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Getting started is easy

Rolling out a financial wellness program with Clever Finance is a simple, 4-step process:


Tell us about your workforce

We'll tailor our focus to what matters most for you and your employees.


Describe your benefit programs

Be sure to include your employee eligibility requirements.


Enlist your champions

Having strong advocates—both execs and front-line leaders—is vital.


Agree on a timeline

We’ll work together on a plan that considers your other business priorities.

We’d love to tell you more about how Clever Finance can reduce financial stress, increase engagement for your employees, and improve your business results.