Are personal financial concerns holding your team back?

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Your employees’ financial distractions may be getting in the way of your company’s bottom line, from lower productivity to higher absenteeism and turnover.

Clever Finance improves the financial well-being of your workforce, so your team can focus on your business priorities.

Half of US employees spend 3 or more work-hours each week on financial issues

Financial issues are the #1 cause of stress for American workers. Clever Finance gives your employees a better handle on their financial lives to help boost engagement, job satisfaction, and productivity.

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Clever Finance helps employees change their lives for the better

By reducing financial stress today and creating a path to greater financial security tomorrow, we can make a real difference in people’s lives—at work and at home.

“This is an amazing service! I'm baffled that it's free to employees. Thanks for doing what you do!”

Stella D.
Hubble Contacts, Inc.

“My coaching session with Megan was great! She gave me some new things to think about and second opinions on others. I'm excited about what your service can mean to our employees.”

Mike B.
Business Owner

“As a Clever Coach, I get to talk to all kinds of people about all sorts of financial concerns and goals. Every conversation is unique, but I love being able to help people feel better about their lives and themselves.”

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See what Clever Finance can do for your employees and your company

Join us in our mission to help companies like yours increase employee engagement while empowering millions of workers to improve their financial well-being.